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07/18/15 08:23 AM #738    


Charlotte Grantham (O'Daniel)

I will be at the parade and BBQ so I will be looking for you. Safe travels to all. 

08/01/15 06:22 PM #739    

John Richards

I've been remiss in writing a summary on this forum about all that's happened in the last year. Some of you may have looked at our posts on the Caring Bridge website occasionally but probably a lot have not. To hit the high points of our last posting, July 23 was the one year anniversary of the news that ushered in the wildest year of my life- the official diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. It's hard to comprehend all that Melinda and I have been through. It is with the deepest gratitude to God that we acknowledge His gift of healing as a result of a successful stem cell transplant and for His faithfulness in directing my recovery. Every doctor visit at MD Anderson continues to bring good results with all of my blood work being in normal ranges and a very encouraging prognosis for the future.

This thing came out of the fog like a Greyhound bus. Nothing I did or nothing I was exposed to triggered it that the oncologists know of. It was apparently just random, like so many cancers. I went through three regimes of chemo from August through October. I achieved full remission with the second round but they did a third one to make sure all my bone marrow was killed in preparation for the stem cell transplant. I was very fortunate that my sister Elizabeth Ann turned out be a perfect genetic match, which we were told only occurs about 20% of the time. Without the transplant, I probably wouldn't be writing this. But with it, the chances of any recurrence are much much lower.

Key medications are slowly being reduced, my appetite and weight are coming back and my energy has returned. Melinda has been an amazing trooper and caregiver through this process. I know that many of you have lifted us up in prayer over the last 12 months and for that, we're extremely grateful. I'm convinced that prayers have made a big difference in my recovery. I've received encouraging emails, texts, phone calls and cards from many of you. You don't realize how meaningful those kinds of communications are until your back is against the wall. Thanks so much... John

08/01/15 09:18 PM #740    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

John I am so glad that you posted about your experience.  I was beside my sister when she had her stem cell replacement and I can confirm how life changing it can be, on patient and caregiver.  God is good in so many ways and he has brought you through an amazing ordeal.  Can't wait to see yall again.


08/02/15 03:27 PM #741    


Lonny Watson


Prayer works wonders.  Glad to hear you are doing well.  MD Anderson is a great place for treatment.  We have a friend that was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 1999.  She went to MD Anderson and has had many years of good quality life.  Hang in there,  this business of getting old ain't for sissies.

08/29/15 12:29 PM #742    

Mac Hewlett

 Hi Homies!

Ka Hughes is requesting ideas for the next reunion. I always try to do what Ka asks. Here goes:

WinStar Casino-the largest in the world.

Red River, New Mexico

A Honky Tonk- Cold Beer, hot women, neon lights

Sugar's in Austin.  In 1972 it was a beautiful strip joint, but beer was $8.00

Six Flags over Texas

Schlitterbahn Water Parks & Resorts-New Braunfels

Buttons Carlisle's barn. One of my favorites (see honky tonk, above)

Lonny Watson has a new house. We can all fit in it.

08/29/15 09:36 PM #743    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Thanks Mac for following my request. I sure hope others will start putting in their ideas so we can get a good variety of them to choose from. We are getting older and that makes all of our Reunions that much more special!!  Getting anxious to hear what others would like to do. 

08/30/15 11:09 PM #744    


Aliece Sefcik (Lowe)

I like a couple of Mac's suggestions, the rest are kinda stinky, if you ask me!cheeky

I love the mountains in the summer but with most of the classmates in Texas, it seems that is where it should be.

I remember we had one reunion at a hotel with a conference room where we gathered, maybe Amarillo?  That works very well, I think.  My vote is to make it as simple as possible for not only the attendees but also for the individuals who have contributed so much of their time, talent and money into creating memorable reunions in the past. Even though I cannot attend each one, I am so appreciative of the hard work they put into it.  Thank you!

I will try my best to attend no matter where or when it is held! 

God Bless!


05/24/17 10:02 AM #745    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Classmates, just saw on fb where Charlotte Grantham O'Daniel's mom passed away this morning.  I know this was unexpected and she will be missed by her loved ones.  Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.  Don't have any other information at this time.

06/08/18 05:28 PM #746    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Classmates, before we know it 2019 will be here and it will be time for our 50th Reunion.

If someone would like to start throwing out their suggestions, now would be the time!!

Don't be shy, let's be fun and creative for this one!!!

06/09/18 05:13 PM #747    


Margie Arnold (Grady)

I could check with my travel agent as to the individual cost of a cruise out of Galveston.


06/13/18 03:16 PM #748    


Margie Arnold (Grady)

Who would interested?

06/13/18 03:50 PM #749    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

I guess we need more responses to get ideas on what to do. 

06/14/18 01:13 PM #750    


Kelly Ewen

 I would certainly be interested  

07/12/18 08:09 PM #751    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

I always hate to post the passing of loved ones.  Charlotte & Dale O'Daniel said goodbye to his sweet Mom

Marilyn O'Daniel, on Wednesday.  Services will be at 10:00 am July 19 th at FBC and Visitation will be the

evening before at Kornerstone at 6:00 pm..  Please keep their family in your prayers during their time of

of loss.



07/20/18 11:51 AM #752    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Those that are in Tulia for Picnic, let's meet at El Camino

at 3:00 pm on Saturday to start planning for next year.  

07/22/18 05:40 PM #753    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Thank you big time to the classmates that showed up for the meeting.

I think we are off to a good start for planning our 50th Reunion.

Everyone stay tuned and ready for more information!!!

Please post ideas that you may have on here!!!


07/25/18 12:58 PM #754    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

07/25/18 01:03 PM #755    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

This is the Hornet that is being used by the school right now.  Sheri is going to think about designing shirts for our 50th Reunion.  Is this the Hornet that we would want to use?  I know yall are thinking it is too early to start planning but if we don't start now, we may forget later!!!  Remember, we are getting closer to 70 NOW!

Start thinking about what you want to do special for 2019!!  Let's get some of that good ole school spirit stirred up!!!


07/25/18 03:30 PM #756    


Charlotte Grantham (O'Daniel)

That is the one I want....


07/26/18 12:26 PM #757    


Princess Roberts (Gruben)


08/29/18 07:55 PM #758    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

So sad to hear of the passing of Jo Wilkerson, Jan's mom, this morning.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!!!!  No info about service yet.

08/30/18 12:14 PM #759    


Aliece Sefcik (Lowe)

I am sad to hear about Mrs. Wilkerson.  So many memories of our class moms and dads and all they did for us over the years.

Of course, that is "THE" THS HORNET!  A great idea!  Be careful about that crazy Sheri....she will have cow eyes with long eyelashes on that face!! laughheart


08/30/18 01:33 PM #760    

Ken Miller

There will be a grave-side service for Mrs. Wilkerson on Friday, August 31 at 10:00 at Rose Hill Cemetery.  Our prayers are with the family.

09/05/18 01:36 PM #761    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Thought everyone would like to know that Dorothy Boyett passed away.  Services will be on Friday at Cakvary Baptist Church.  Services are at 3:00 pm.  Visitation will be on Thursday evening from 6-7 at Kornerstone.  Please remember them during this time of sorrow.  We all remember how much THS and Tulia meant to her.

12/03/18 04:42 PM #762    


Dorinda Burton (Eargle)

Just a bit of Hornet trivia - the fighting Hornet was designed and drawn by my Aunt Carolyn


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